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Got Merlot?

We do!  And now through May 1, we are offering a 20% discount on Villa del Monte Merlot from the Moon Vineyard in Carneros (Napa Valley).  This discount applies to the 2006-2008 vintages. While there are some subtle differences from year to year, the wines, in general, are a perfect balance between red fruit, oak, …

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Holiday gift ideas from Villa del Monte Winery

December is nearly half gone.  How is your holiday shopping?  Have you had it with trying to find a parking space at the mall?  Is the line at the mall coffee shop testing your patience?  Are you frustrated that you can find everything in size 2XL and nothing in size Medium?  If so, you need …

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Vineyard Math

During harvest, we are often asked math questions.  How many tons of grapes come from an acre of vineyard?  How many bottles of wine come from a ton of grapes?  If Peter picked a peck of pickled peppers, how many… Ok, just joking about that last one. But, seriously, we hear the first two questions …

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