Villa del Monte Merlot Reserve CarnerosVilla del Monte Winery is pleased to announce that the 2011 Riverside International Wine Competition has awarded medals to two Villa del Monte wines:

Gold: 2009 Merlot Reserve Carneros  
2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Santa Cruz Mountains Villa Festa Vineyard  

The 2009 Merlot Reserve Carneros was selected “as a great example of its varietal and its producer.” This 100% Merlot from the Moon Vineyard in the Los Carneros appellation in Napa, California has a deep burgundy color, a delicious raspberry chewiness, and a smoky, sultry aroma. Renee Chazottes, a Sommelier and one of the wine competition judges, described the wine as “ Black Cherry; deep fruit, ripe. BIG oak; cola-berry. Big wine; bold and plush. Big extraction; round and smooth. Chocolate.”  This Merlot has a perfect balance between fruit, oak, and tannins.

The 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Santa Cruz Mountains Villa Festa Vineyard is truly a Santa Cruz Mountains wine, as it is produced from 100% Cabernet grapes grown on a small vineyard that we manage on Loma Prieta Avenue in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California.  Black currants, medium tannins, and a beautiful deep red color combine for a full bodied wine that develops and matures on the palate. With 14% alcohol, this wine is delicious now or it can be cellared for later enjoyment.

About the 2011 Riverside International Wine Competition
Riverside International Wine CompetitionNow in its 30th year and chaired by wine expert Dan Berger, the 2011 Riverside International Wine Competition attracted more than 1500 entries from wine regions throughout the world.  The wines were evaluated by a prestigious panel of more than 50 wine experts from across the United States, including Master Sommeliers, Sommeliers, wine merchants, wine writers, wine makers, and other experts in the field.  Judging took place over three days, May 4-6, in Temecula, California.  The competition was double-blind with 12 panels of 4 judges each. Wines were tasted blind with no knowledge of producer or price, using Eisch crystal.  For more information, visit