Buying Villa del Monte Wine in the Santa Cruz areaRecently, at both the Santa Cruz Area Business Fair and the Coastal Home and Garden Show, we had hundreds of people asking, “Where can I buy your wine?”  But, as a small family-owned winery with limited production, we can only place our wine in so many places. 

So, Santa Cruz area winelovers, we are answering your question with our own question. Where, in the Santa Cruz area, would you be most likely to buy our wine?  Go to our Facebook page now and let us know.  Be sure to Like us too!

Your vote will help us to place our wine along the coast, ideally in a place with a strong clientele, knowledgeable servers, reasonable prices, and a good selection of wines and serving sizes. 

We are proud to be members of the Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association and the Santa Cruz Area Chamber of Commerce, and we want to be sure we are serving this community in the best way possible.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that you can always buy wines on our web sites or at our winery.