Inquiring minds want to know what the Villa del Monte Wine Club members already know! Just what was included in the November Wine Club shipment?  You may remember that our April 2012 shipment included four bottles of Villa del Monte wine and a delicious olive oil sample from The True Olive Connection in downtown Santa Cruz.  Continuing on this tradition of including a little something extra, the November Wine Club shipment contained four bottles of Villa del Monte wine and an elegant chocolate sampler of handmade, wine-infused chocolates from Monterey Chocolate Company (in Santa Cruz, not Monterey, but that’s another story). 

And, the best part is that the chocolates are infused with Villa del Monte wine:

  • Pomegranate Merlot: 2008 Regan Merlot and pomegranates infused into 54% cacao chocolateVilla del Monte wine and chocolates
  • Cherry Merlot: 2008 Moon Merlot and cherries infused into 65% cacao chocolate
  • Spiced Merlot: 2009 Moon Merlot and aromatic spices infused into  70% cacao chocolate
  • Olallieberry Syrah: 2009 Syrah and olallieberries infused into 70% cacao chocolate

During our Wine Club pickup weekend, Wine Club member Jared said “Wine, chocolates, local businesses?  It’s a great combination.”  Doug, another Wine Club member, planned to serve his wine and chocolates over the Thanksgiving holiday.  “I’ve got family coming in for the holidays and can’t wait to have them try this wine, although I may keep the chocolates for myself!” he said.

Please contact us if you want to sign up for the Villa del Monte Wine Club.  Even though we are on the cusp of December, you can still sign up for the November shipment, which included recipes from Blue Sage in addition to wine and chocolates.  The next shipment will be in April 2013.

You can contact Monterey Chocolate Company if you want to find out about their organic, locally-made and over-the-top chocolates!