Earth Day 2013 is on Monday, April 22. We will not be open on that day, so we want to be sure that you know about some of our sustainability practices. Our winery, which will be open for wine tasting on April 27 and 28, runs on solar and has a water catchment system. If you’ve been to the winery, you’ve probably noticed the large PVC pipe that runs off the winery roof to the storage tank below.

Earth Day with Villa del Monte WineThe Regan Vineyard in Corralitos, where our Chardonnay and much of our Pinot are grown, uses sustainable winegrowing practices to minimize the impact on the environment. Their commitment to solar energy, biodiesel, composting, and hand harvesting to prevent erosion result in full-flavored grapes, perfect for us to craft into Villa del Monte wines for you to enjoy.

So, on Earth Day 2013, we suggest toasting our great planet with a glass of Villa del Monte Pinot from the Regan Vineyard in the southern part of the Santa Cruz Mountains. And, on April 27 or 28, come by the winery for wine tasting and you can see our sustainability practices in action.