Unified Wine and Grape SymposiumThis week, Villa del Monte winemakers Neil and John took a break from the winery to attend the annual Unified Wine & Grape Symposium at the Sacramento Convention Center.  The trade show features more than 700 booths and 28 large vineyard and winery machinery areas.  “This is such an amazing show—so many things to see from corks and foils to labeling lines and harvesting equipment,” says Neil.

The show is so big that it ranks as the largest convention hosted annually in Sacramento, drawing more than 13,000 attendees.  “We really liked the automated wine label applicator—we liked it so much that we bought it right there at the show,” says John. “Labeling should go a little faster this year as a result!”

Neil and John also bought, wait for it, matching stemless wine glasses for the winery.  Those of you who have visited our tasting room will appreciate this since you probably remember our mismatched stemware with logos from a dozen different charity events.

It was fun seeing all the equipment and supplies and running into other Santa Cruz Mountains winemakers as we walked from booth to booth.  Almost as fun as an afternoon of wine tasting at Villa del Monte Winery!