Vineyard roseHave you ever noticed a vineyard whose beauty is enhanced by the placement of rose bushes at the end of the rows? Did you know that, in addition to adding a splash of color to the muted reds and greens of the grapevines, there is a practical reason for planting roses at the end of the rows?

The roses are purposefully planted to help monitor the health of the vineyard since the same diseases and fungi that affect grapevines also affect roses.  The roses are more sensitive than the grapevines so any problems will appear first in the roses giving the grower a chance to treat the vines before damage is done to the harvest.  Kind of reminiscent of the canary in a coal mine strategy!

One of our local Pinot Noir growers follows this methodology and right now the roses are in full bloom.

It seems that roses and grapevines go together like, well,  wine and chocolate!