Zinfandel grapesWe are expanding our offerings by adding a 2011 Zinfandel to our list of varietals.  Harvested earlier this week from 20-year old vines in the Santa Clara Valley Appellation, the clusters looked great. And, as is characteristic of this varietal, there were a few raisins which should add some rich fig undertones to the finished wine.  The grapes had a brix of 24 in the field and 25 after cold soaking. 

Since much of the flavor comes from the grape skins, the juice is currently fermenting in open top fermenters so that we can easily punch down the cap (that is, mix the grape skins into the fermenting juice) to extract color, flavor, and tannins.  After fermentation, the wine will be stored in oak barrels for 18 months.  We should end up with about 50 cases (that’s only 600 bottles!).  We’ll let you know when futures are available.